Finally, I decide to accomplish my New Year’s Resolution

“Why coding?” I didn’t think too much about this question before I finally decided to learn to code. Actually, it just happened, all of a sudden.

I have been always wanting to pick up a language. When I went to college in China, I chose English as my major and picked up a bit of Spanish. The reason why I love learning a new language is that it is a bridge to communicate with another world and to explore a different culture. So “learning a new language” becomes my 2019 New Year’s Resolution. However, French? Japanese?Korean? Or what else?

Why not coding?” One day, my cousin gave me such an interesting answer, “it is a language too.”

That is very true, anyways, it is a language to talk to computers. Without too much thinking, I started my trip to code and fall in love with it right away.

I learn a bit about object-oriented language and I am impressed by how similar it is to my native language, Chinese. For example, “class” is the basic unit where you come up with codes that describe it or define something you can do to it. And it is the same in Chinese. In Chinese, we are inclined to mention the subject of the sentence first(like a person or a thing), and then describe what happens to him/her/it. Like instead of saying “There is something wrong with the TV”, in Chinese we will say “the TV has some problems”. The similarity makes the concept easier to grasp.

And also, a lot of other basic concepts in programming are inspiring to real-life problems! Like how you abstract things to come up with more generic solutions and dissect a big project into small parts to make it easier to solve, provide me with a new way of tackling complex situations.

So far I am very new to code so maybe my understanding is not perfect. But I enjoy the study and the exploration a lot. It is going to be challenging, but I think I am going to love it! Remember I think language is a bridge to another world? Coding is more than that — — it helps me build a world! I am looking forward to building my world with it!

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