How did I: transfer crypto from Binance US to Binance Chain Wallet and transfer between BC and BSC

Just a random wallet picture

I am a noob and just want to write down what I have been exploring and what I have learned on my journey. Not the perfect solution, and look for better suggestions from all of the experienced out there ;)

Install Binance Chain Wallet

First, you need to download a Binance browser extension: Binance Chain Wallet. Here’s the official Binance document on how to use that. Just follow the instructions to install it in your favorite browser, and then sign up for an account for the wallet.

Transfer cryptos from Binance US to the wallet

There are two ways to do it as illustrated in the article according to this article(there are more screenshots there but I have different wallet UI so I post mine here).

First, you can use wallet direct to connect to your binance account. After successful verification of that, you can start to transfer money to your wallet(you should be able to see the available assets to transfer).

However, remember there are two types of BNB tokens: BEP-2 and BEP-20, and if you are using dot com), then make sure you choose the network to be Binance Chain Network instead of Binance Smart Chain Network.

The second option is that you can just transfer money through your Binance account without connecting it to your Binance chain wallet. So if you go to your account, you can go to Wallet => Withdraw => Choose the coin => Choose BEP2=>Input your Binance chain wallet address => Choose the amount => Submit!

What you will expect is MFA verification, you will be asked to input your verification code from the authenticator, and you will see an email to ask for your confirmation then that is good!

Another thing I need to mention(for those who are new to transactions like me) is that, if you are not transferring BNB, in my case, which is USDT, don’t forget to add token to your wallet. Because without that, even you transfer coins successfully, you can only see BNB in the wallet, and not be able to see your transferred coins.

How to add tokens to the wallet?

Click the “+” in your wallet

And then search it:

Once you check that asset, it will show on your wallet.

How to transfer the BEP-2 token to BEP-20 token(Get the cryptos transferred from Binance US to Binance Smart Chain)?

This is very easy.

  1. Make sure you are on the Binance Chain network
  2. Click the crypto(in my case USDT) and click Send .(Or click send and then choose the crypto)
  3. When clicking Address , you should be able to see transfer between my accounts, then it will show your BSC account(which should start from 0x).

4. Once you hit send, you will see a page to ask to confirm the network fee. And if you click send again, it will be done very quickly.

Now, if you are using some BSC applications which accept Binance Chain Wallet, you can connect and use it! But, if you use something that accepts MetaMask, then you have to send your crypto to MetaMask. Or, maybe you should, from the beginning, send from your Binance US account to MetaMask eth address directly! That might save you some time and network fee.

But if you really need to transfer from this Binance Chain Wallet to MetaMask eth address or BSC address, I will talk about this more in the next article.



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